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2022-2023 Kentucky Summative Assessment (KSA) Results for

Technology HelpDesk

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How do I submit an online Work Order for a Technical Problem using the new Web Help Desk Program?

To begin the work order process, open any web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome and go to the following website:  Once you open the website, you should see the Pike County Schools HelpDesk Login page. Enter your District email address, password, and click on Login. You can also access the Web Help Desk Program from the Pike County Schools Website.  From the District Website, select “Staff Links” and click on the Pike County Schools HelpDesk icon.

Once you are logged in, you will see the following icons at the top of the page: “Request, History, Assets, FAQs, Messages, and Profile.”  Click on the “Request” icon, which resembles a Life Saver at the top of the screen. You now can begin the process of opening a ticket. Click the drop down arrow in the “Request Type” box to select the type of request you have. If you see an additional box with a drop down arrow, you must make a selection for that box as well.

In the “Request Detail” box be as descriptive as possible describing what is wrong or what you need done.If you are getting an error message include what that error message says in the detail. Include any steps you have taken to fix the problem yourself.

In the “Room” box, type in the room number or name of the room. If you need to add an Attachment, click “Add File” and upload the file from its location.

If the device with the problem is listed in the “Select Asset” section, click on it and it will be added to your ticket. If you do not see your device listed, you can search for the Asset by entering the Asset Tag Number, Serial Number, or Network Name in the Search box. If your asset is not found, you will need to add the Asset Tag, Model Number, and Serial Number in your Request Details. (On Dell computers the model is usually printed on the case and is something similar to Optiplex GX650.  Dell serial numbers are called service tags and are located on a sticker usually on the on the top or side of the computer.  Lenovo computer serial numbers are listed with the prefix S/N and the model with the prefix M/T.)  Both are usually on a small sticker on the bottom front or side of the computer. 

Click “Save” at the bottom of the page.


Cynthia L. O'quinn
Technology Help Desk Administrator
Pike County Schools
District Ext.:  *8190180