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Pike County Standards Mastery Document


The purpose of the Standards Mastery Document is to serve as a resource to help increase depth of implementation (rigor) of the Common Core Standards. The document will enable teachers to plan College & Career Ready curriculum and classroom instruction that promotes inquiry and higher levels of cognitive demand.  This will be demonstrated through standards based units of study and lesson plans. The impact on learning will be measured through common formative and summative assessments.  It is important to note, this is a working document for standards implementation, not a curriculum alignment map, pacing guide or sequence of instruction guide.  This is a document that provides suggestions for implementation of the standard as written for that specific grade level and content.  Each standard is divided into three areas – Know – Do – Mastery.

  1. Know: What content does the student need to know to demonstrate this standard?
  2. Do: What skill must the student demonstrate?
  3. Mastery: How does the student demonstrate the learning of the standard?

The Standards Mastery Document is a working document designed for Pike County educators by Pike County educators.  Every school was represented in the development of this document by at least one teacher leader, an Instructional Transformation Teacher Leaders (ITTL).  During the development stages, every ITTL was provided an opportunity to gather direct feedback from their colleagues to enhance the content. The feedback that was gathered was used to complete this document.  Multiple opportunities were provided for many educators to provide input.  This document will be revised annually for improvement of the tool.  The quality of the tool will be enhanced via feedback from teachers following the first year of implementation and analysis of student performance data.