Pics from School Leadership Teams Summer Summit

The Pike County Schools Leadership Teams (SLT) met at the 5th Pike County Leadership Summit on July 28, 2016 to develop their individual strategic plans for the 2016-2017 school year.  The mission of the Pike County School Leadership Team Summit is to provide a collaborative environment that will define a culture of high expectations and build leadership capacity to enhance teacher effectiveness and improve student achievement.  Each school is led by the principal and the membership consist of the assistant principals, counselors, classified and certified staff.   The school leadership team Summits began in January, 2014.  Three keys are the central focus to all professional learning, collaboration and planning.  The summit provides an opportunity for all SLT to learn and grown in each area.  Pike County has also partnered with the DuFour Institute in developing our professional learning communities. The three keys are:
Key 1 – Culture of High Expectations
Key 2 – Systems of Learning
Key 3 – Leader and Teacher Effectiveness
At the July, 2016, Summit each team developed a strategic first 45-day plan.  This plan was developed using a customized approach to the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) continuous improvement process.  Each plan will focus specifically on the needs of the students.  Every school team analyzed end of year data from 2015 and 2016 to target specific areas for improving student learning beginning Day 1.  Pike County school leadership teams are a critical component in meeting the goals and expectations of “Preparing Incredible Kids Every day”.  With their leadership and collaboration we know that “Excellence Happens Here” in every Pike County school.

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