Free Webcams For Teachers

Staff!  Get a free webcam and learn how to use

Lync/Skype for Business in 10 minutes! 

In an effort to increase classroom connections and promote the use of the free Lync communication tool, Pike County teachers can get a free webcam for attending a 10 minute web demo on Lync. Microsoft Lync is a powerful collaboration tool that allows you to connect with other staff members and students from almost any type of internet accessible device. You can instantly share your video, presentations and documents or chat while recording the meetings (or lessons) for later playback.  Scroll down to the link below to join a meeting. 

Why???  The Instructional Technology Coordinators (ITCs) will be conducting online professional development, via Lync, throughout the year on topics such as Google for Education, STLP, Office 365, learning management and courseware tools, interactive boards, district initiatives, etc.  Lync is also a great tool to use for Non-Traditional Instruction!

Registering for an online Lync/Skype for Business Training:  Register for one of the sessions below by sending an e-mail to,, stating the desired date and time you want to participate from the list below to get a webcam.

When do I get my webcam?  After registering for one of these online events, a webcam will be delivered to you at your school as soon as possible.  When it arrives, just hook the webcam up to a USB port and it will install itself.  You do NOT have to have Lync installed to join a meeting  . . . just the webcam, browser and speakers. 

Need more sessions?  If you would like to schedule a more personalized session or a session outside of the scheduled times below, just send an e-mail to one of the ITC email addresses, above, to arrange an alternate meeting time.

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Meeting Dates/Times 

10/8/2015  10/9/2015  10/14/2015     
9:00 1:00 3:30    
Connie Tackett  Gina Wright  Tammy Ratliff