Department of Instruction

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Department of Instruction Mission Statement

The Department of Instruction strives to improve student achievement, through effective collaboration and clear communication by providing support and resources to develop teacher and leader effectiveness that positively impacts student performance.

Communication – Collaboration – Development - Support

The Department of Instruction (DOI) team is responsible for communication, development, and support of school leaders, teachers and students K-12 regarding curriculum, instruction, assessment, educator effectiveness, extended school services (ESS), professional growth and development, certified evaluations, teacher interns, gifted and talented and career and technical education programs  Our team collaborates with district leaders in the implementation of systems of continuous school and district improvement to provide high levels of learning for all students.   In addition, the DOI Team works directly with school level Instructional Leadership Teams (ILT) to build collaborative leadership capacity for each team to improve learning for all students .  Our guidance and counseling support services provide assistance in development of positive social and emotional growth of our students.




Mary Beth Stiltner  Mary Beth Stiltner, Lead Supervisor of the Department of Instruction






Cindy Adkins Cindy Adkins, District Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher






Phillip Birchfield Phillip Birchfield, Supervisor of Instruction







 Patty JohnsPatty Johnsonon, District Assessment Coordinator, GT Coordinator/CTE Coordinator






Phillip Birchfield  Tonya Dillon, Supervisor of Instruction







Patty Johnson  Brandy Case, Department Administrative Assistant