About Our School

163 Douglas Parkway
Pikeville, KY 41501
Johnnie Alvin
Asst. Principal:
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About Our School

Valley Elementary School is the largest school in Pike County serving just under 1000 students. We are located 10 miles south of the city of Pikeville on Highway 23. For many years, the former schools that made up Valley Elementary had been high performing schools, and now that we, staff and students, are in our new building, it is our earnest desire to continue that tradition. Valley Elementary has over 50 certified staff members and over 60 classified members. Valley, having gone through a major transition over the last three years, has shown notable improvement. Our middle school has gone from a school of need in 2010 to one of the top middle schools in the region. Our elementary school currently ranks at the top among the 15 elementary schools in Pike County. Overall, Valley Elementary ranks in the 98th percentile among all schools in the state of Kentucky.

Valley Vision Statement

Valley Elementary School will create an environment that will develop life-long learners enabling them to become productive members of society.

Valley Mission Statement

Our mission involves bridging the gap between teachers and students in hopes of creating an environment of respect and caring on both an instructional and a personal level.

Valley Elementary School Motto

"New School, New Future"


Valley Elementary School will be The Standard of Success when:

Students are. . .

  • Attentive in Class
  • Attending School Every Day
  • Actively Participating in Class
  • Well Behaved
  • Respectful of Themselves and Others
  • Participating in School Activities
  • Doing Their BEST

Administrators are. . .

  • Being a friend
  • Caring about and listening to students' point of view
  • Recognizing and rewarding outstanding achievement and accomplishments
  • Working to create fair rules that everyone can follow
  • Doing His BEST

Teachers are. . .

  • Creating a fun and safe learning environment
  • Preparing students for life, not a test
  • Treating all students with respect
  • Attending School Every Day
  • Prepared with a Fun and Exciting Learning Activity Every Day
  • Doing Their BEST

Parents are. . .

  • Informed about school
  • Working with teachers and administrators
  • Actively involved with the school
  • Showing school spirit
  • Disciplining as needed
  • Making sure students are on time and prepared
  • Doing Their BEST