Student News


  • 1. Log on to a school computer
  • 2. Alt, Ctrl, Delete and change your password
  • 3. Log on to the Pike County School website
  • 4. Under "Parent" column on the homepage, click on "Student Webmail" link:     

5.   At the Email Sign-In screen, type in:      first name.last name   (Some students have a digit after their last name-look on your student user handout to verify.)

***Password: Type in Your New One (You will use it now to log on to everything)



6.  After logging on, at the Office 365 Intro screen, Click on the "Outlook" link on the Menu Bar.  Click "Inbox"

7. You can begin reading and sending emails.

8.  Always Sign out when finished (upper right hand corner under your Name)