Principal's Message



Parents and students of Southside Elementary,
Welcome to School Year 2016-2017.  As we embark on this exciting and learned-filled journey, I am challenging our students, teachers and parents to get on board our ENERGY bus.  Our theme this year is "Southside Elementary School - Fueled Up and Energized for Greatness!"
As the driver of the ENERGY bus, I will ensure our curriculum provides students with stimulating and challenging educational opportunities throughout the school year. The teachers, who are the navigators, will provide creative and rigorous lessons, hold students accountable for their learning, and strive for excellence throughout the school year while continuing to provide a safe and productive learning environment for ALL students.
Students, as the passengers on the ENERGY bus, you will be given the opportunity to mature and develop into competent and productive individuals who can successfully compete and prosper in this complex society in which we live in today.
The responsibility for learning is equally shared by students, teachers and parents; therefore, parents it is important that you maintain an active and consistent presence on the ENERGY bus.   By monitoring your child's performance, asking questions and providing support, your child will have the additional reinforcement needed for ACADEMIC SUCCESS.
Working together as a TEAM, Southside Elementary will exceed all expectations and continue to move forward in providing an atmosphere where students are enthusiastic about learning. I thank you for your continued support and let's ALL enjoy this educational ride on the SOUTHSIDE ENERGY BUS!
Jill Maynard, Principal
Rhonda Crigger, Assistant Principal


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