Arts & Humanities

Program Review/ Arts and Humanities (2014) 

   Curriculum and Instruction  Sample Evidence
Demonstrator 1:  Student Access:  All students should have equitable access to high quality curriculum and instruction.
Demonstrator 2:  Aligned and Rigorous Curriculum:  An aligned and rigorous curriculum provides access to Kentucky Core Academic Standards (KCAS) for all students as defined by state standards.

Demonstrator 3:  Instructional Strategies: Teachers implement instructional strategies that provide quality experiences, a variety of activities, and access for all students.

  • Lesson Plans, Scoring Guides, Rubrics
  1. Balance
  2. Color
  3. Line
Demonstrator 4:  Student Performance:  All students have access to an aligned and rigorous curriculum, where instructional strategies are of high quality and inclusive, resulting in student performance at a consistently high level.
   Formative & Summative Assessment  Sample Evidence
Demonstrator 1: Assessment:  Teachers should use multiply assessment  processes to inform, guide, develop and revise instructional strategies  and curriculum to enhance student learning and achievement.
Demonstrator 2:  Expectations for Student Learning:  Teachers communicate consistently high expectations and use common standards for student learning in Arts & Humanities.


Demonstrator 3: Assessment for Teaching:  Multiple assessments are used to inform, guide, develop and revise instructional strategies and curriculum to enhance student learning and achievement.



   Professional Development  Sample Evidence

Demonstrator 1Opportunity:  Professional development opportunities are planned with teacher learning needs in mind, and in response to data available about teacher practice and student learning.


Demonstrator 2:  Participation:  Teachers participate in Arts/Humanities - specific professional development designed to meet their needs. Arts/Humanities teachers participate in professional development focused on 21st century skills.


   Administrative /Leadership Support and Monitoring  Sample Evidence
Demonstrator 1: Policies and Monitoring: School leadership establishes and monitors implementation of policies, provides adequate resources, facilities, space and instructional time to support highly effective arts and humanities instructional programs.  
Demonstrator 2: Principal Leadership:  Principals are the primary leaders of all arts/humanities program efforts and support teacher leadership through shared leadership strategies and actions.