Belfry Elementary students had a blast participating in the STLP showcase project “Prison Break”.  Students in grades 2 – 5 brought in canned food to pay their admission into the escape room.  Students tried to decode the lock combination to get their friends out of jail.  In Fourth Grade Cayden Varney, Kobe Puckett, Eli Cuadill, Zach Fite and Colton Whitt were able to break out of jail in 17 minutes 24 seconds.  In Fifth Grade – Abbigail Vipperman, CJ Hackney, Makena Justice, Mckenna Hatfield and Lara Tackett broke free in 7 minutes 16 seconds.   #STLPKentucky


STLP had a great time teaching Mrs. Sanger’s 1st grade how to make a LEGO marble maze.  #STLPKentucky forming the outer border setting up road blocks A STLP member assisting a first grader. Demonstrating the process A finished LEGO marble maze.