Adult Education

 What is Adult Education?

The mission of Kentucky Adult Education (KYAE) is to raise the educational levels of more than one million Kentucky adults with low literacy skills and to assist the nearly 786,000 adults who do not have a high school credential to earn a GED® diploma.  KYAE's goal is to help these adults gain the academic skills and credential they need to function productively in the workplace, support themselves and their families and make positive contributions to society and the economy.  A local adult education program in every county provides academic instruction in reading, writing, math, science and social studies to help adults improve their literacy skills, earn a GED diploma, prepare for college and employment and learn English as a second language.

  • It is the mission of the Pike County Adult Education & Literacy Program to provide services that will improve an individual's ability to read, write and speak English: compute; solve problems; and function effectively in the workplace, family and society.

  • These programs provide free, direct, comprehensive basic skills and family literacy services.

  • Family Literacy Programs are designed to break the intergenerational cycle of under-education by providing opportunities for parents and their children to learn together.  Family literacy provides parents with basic academic and employability skills; emphasizes parenting and life skills; ensures that children are provided age-appropriate educational instruction; and ensures developmentally appropriate experiences that require interaction between parents and children.  



Services Offered 


  • GED Preparation

  • Remediation for entry into post secondary, workplace, or homework help for families

  • College financial aid counseling

  • Paraeducator, COMPASS, ASVAB, and ACT test preparation

  • GED Official Practice Test

  • Computer labs

  • Improving literacy skills

  • Completion of resumes and applications

  • English as a Second Language


Pike County Adult Education and Family Literacy Program

 Staff Listing for 2015-2016


Judith A. Branham   
Program Director        
(606) 433-9245     
Pike County Board of Education


Deborah Hall     
(606) 433-9260         
Pike County Board of Education


Big Sandy Community and Technical College Adult Education Learning Center  

Suzanne Thompson                  
(606) 218-1218       

 Melanie Dials – Academic Assistant      
(606) 218-1230


Big Sandy Community and Technical College Pathways Remediation Class


Violet Ogle – Instructor (Monday & Wednesday)                  
(606) 218-1274       

Jessica Slone - Instructor (Tuesday & Thursday)
(606) 218-1274


Elkhorn City Adult Education Learning Center

Shawna Crum – Instructor
(606) 754-1081    

Jessica Slone - Instructor       


Kentucky Career Center Adult Education Learning Center

Mark Meade - Instructor (Tuesday)                                                          (606)                                            

Violet Ogle - Instructor  (Tuesday)


Northpoint Academy Adult Education Learning Center

Jennie Thompson - Instructor  (Monday -- Friday)                   
(606) 433-9354   

Mark Meade – Instructor                                                                                   
(606) 433-9219       


Phelps Adult Education Learning Center

Violet Ogle – Instructor  (Tuesday & Thursday)                   
(606) 456-8334           


Pike County Detention Adult Education Learning Center


Pike County Detention – WestCare Adult Education Learning Center


WestCare Adult Education Learning Center

Shawna Crum - Instructor (Monday & Wednesday


Jessica Slone - Instructor (Monday & Wednesday)