Read to Me

Research has proven that children who are read to from a very early age are better prepared for attendance and achievement in school.  In an effort to encourage this preparation, the “Read-to-Me” program was created in March 2002.  Read-to-Me provides informational packets to parents containing brochures dealing with early childhood development and the importance of reading to children on a daily basis. The infants receive a letter from the Superintendent, a children’s book,  a Read-to-Me logo t-shirt, numerous brochures and pamphlets about reading to children, nutrition, parenting and child safety,  and a Learner’s Permit for Life-long learning.

 Read-to-Me is funded by Pike County School’s Title I program under the parental involvement component.  For the past 13 years the Title I program has distributed over 8,000 packets to infants at Pikeville Medical Center and Williamson ARH.    At current date we are providing packets to Pike County Health Department and small numbers to ARH.