Pike County Parents GCIPL

Title I has taken on a new initiative! We belive in the value of our parents. We challenged our Title I schools to send a parent or parents to  this once in a lifetime training. Our parents are currently undergoing this training. Pike County is leading the state in the number of participants. In a class of 32 we have 16 participants from our District. 

The Governor’s Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership (GCIPL) is an initiative of the Prichard Committee  created to provide multiple training opportunities for parents and community members to develop the capacity to support and  advocate for successful public schools for all students. This training supports  the  planning and implementation of  productive school/family/community partnerships to improve student achievement. Participants of our training learn the value of shared decision-making in the school improvement process. 


Mission and Purpose of GCIPL: 

The purpose of GCIPL is to:

  • Educate parents about how to assess the progress of their children’s schools;
  • Inform parents how to become involved as partners in improving those schools;
  • Motivate parents to help other parents become involved; and
  • Support parents after they become involved.