Scholarship Opportunities

ARI Scholarship/Tuition Assistance Program

The ARI Scholarship/Tuition Assistance Program is designed to promote teacher effectiveness by increasing the number of highly qualified teachers in regional critical teaching shortage areas. 

The ARI Scholarship/Tuition Assistance Program is a joint venture by ARI and higher education partners. The ARI Scholarship/Tuition Assistance Program targets teachers who are completing or plan to complete course work to secure a degree or certification in a critical shortage teaching area, secure dual credit certification, or pursue  National Board Certification.  All applicants must meet the ARI eligibility requirements. ARI will provide reimbursement up to $1,300.00 per semester upon successful completion of course(s).  Teachers may apply for funding in consecutive years.  Use the following link to view or download a copy of the ARI Scholarship/Tuition Assistance Program application.

Applications will be accepted until June 30, 2016

Please email to

Appropriate signatures will be obtained and forwarded to ARI.

 You will receive a copy of the application as it is submitted


(Click here for the) 2016-2017 Application